Serpil Özmıhçı

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Dokuz Eylül University, Environmental Engineering

Working on biofuel production for over 20 years. Having an expertise on biohydrogen production with different organisms, operational modes, reactors and conditions. Evaluating all the aspects of hydrogen production with an environmental point of view. Using wastes as substrates for hydrogen production including different pretreatment steps.

WHEC 2022, oral presentation and session chair.

IHEC 2019-2018-2017 etc. oral presentations.

WHEC 2012, poster presentation,

1. Özmıhçı, S., Hacıoğlu, İ. & Altındağ, E.E. Impacts of mycotoxin on biohydrogen production from waste dry fruits. J Mater Cycles Waste Manag (2022).

2. Z. Velioğlu Tosuner, G.G. Taylan, S. Özmıhçı,

Effects of rice husk particle size on biohydrogen production under solid state fermentation, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 44, Issue 34, 2019, Pages 18785-18791

3. Rumana Islam, Serpil Özmihçi, Nazim Cicek, Richard Sparling, David B. Levin, Enhanced cellulose fermentation and end-product synthesis by Clostridium thermocellum with varied nutrient compositions under carbon-excess conditions, Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 48, 2013,Pages 213-223

4. Serpil Ozmihci, Fikret Kargi, Bio-hydrogen production by photo-fermentation of dark fermentation effluent with intermittent feeding and effluent removal, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 35, Issue 13, 2010, Pages 6674-6680,

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