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The Mentoring Program 23/24 kicked off!

With a record number of 180 mentees and mentors, the third edition of our Mentoring Program started on September 11, 2023.

Mentoring team co-leads Ann-Kathrin Lipponer and Anna Seefried hosted the kick-off event. They presented the structure of the program and the mentoring toolkit to help mentees and mentors get started. Breakout room sessions then allowed participants to network and get to know each other in smaller groups.

We also welcomed two keynote speakers
Jenny Gladman, Founding Partner at Brightsmith and this year’s mentor coach
Ciara Willis, European Lead – Hydrogen & Clean Tech at BOSS Energy Consulting who will offer career coaching for the mentees

The programme will run for one year until summer 2024. Until then, applications are closed as the program only starts once every year.

Applications for next year’s program will open in June 2024. Please check again in summer 2024 to join the next program of 24/25.

What is the WiGH Mentoring Program?

The WiGH Mentoring Program is an online program created in mid-2021 to support and empower young professionals in the green hydrogen sector in the early stages of their careers. Green hydrogen experts from around the world help to enhance the professional skills and abilities of new leaders in the sector.

Physical meetings during suitable occasions, such as events, network meetings or similar are considered as valuable add-ons to the mentor-mentee relationship.

How does the program work?

Calls for both mentors and mentees are opened once a year, and the requirements for participation are:

  • As a mentor: More than 3 years of work experience.
  • As a mentee: Up to 3 years of work experience.

When the pairs are selected, a web-based kick-off meeting is organized, which allows the mentors and mentees to get to know each other. During the mentorship program, mentors and mentees will be asked to meet 5 times, although there is flexibility to make individual arrangements to meet more often.

According to the interests chosen by both sides, topics, contents, and activities related to the field of green hydrogen are discussed during the meetings. Typically, approximately two hours per month are calculated between the pairs for mentoring program-related activities.

At the beginning of the program, WiGH provides a starter kit for the program and some extra training options.

Mentors and mentees can participate in a mid-term online event and in a networking event at the end of the program.

Benefits of the program

  • Building new knowledge on green hydrogen strategies, initiatives, and content.
  • Strengthen confidence and develop new skills to promote further development.
  • Strengthen connections and build networks in the field of green hydrogen.
  • Connect on benefits and concerns that are of more relevance to women (e.g., how to proceed in a male-dominated sector, working hours, family planning, etc.).
  • Share ideas, plans, and opinions.

What’s in it for me?

Mentors serves on an honorary basis and agree to respect the Global Code of Ethics for Mentors established by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. After one year, we will send you a certificate for your voluntary commitment. Each mentor-mentee tandem establishes an agreement on the frequency of interactions and the ways and channels of their communication to be used; the tandem also defines goals and priorities for their mentoring process. Recommended forms for the initial agreement as well as for progress tracking were supplied by WiGH. Each mentor-mentee pair can be featured on social media.

Application and matching timeline for 2023/2024

  • Mid-May to mid-June: Call for Mentors. 
  • July: Call for Mentees will open on July 10
  • August: Matching the Mentors and Mentees by the WiGH team.
  • September: Official Kick-Off Event for the one-year Program.

Impressions of the first Mentoring Program in 2021/2022

We interviewed a few mentor and mentee pairs and asked them about their experiences in the green hydrogen sector and about the value of the WiGH Mentoring program for them. Take a look:

Testimonials from the second edition of the Program in 2022/2023

Read about the second round here and get an impression from five mentors and mentees sharing a testimonial of their experiences: Second edition of our Mentoring Program successfully concluded – Women in Green Hydrogen (

Meet the WiGH Mentoring team

Ann-Kathrin Lipponer

Ann-Kathrin Lipponer
Co-Lead Mentoring

Associate Programme Officer at IRENA


Anna Seefried
Co-Lead Mentoring

Senior Associate at PwC Energy Consulting

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