Mentoring Program

The Women in Green Hydrogen Mentoring Program Kick-Off

In 2021, Women in Green Hydrogen offered a hydrogen-sector specific, global mentoring program for women in junior/middle management positions starting. Requirements were:

• As a mentee: Up to 3 years of work experience
• As a mentor: More than 6 years of work experience

To ensure a high compatibility of mentor and mentee, we developed a short questionnaire. WiGH selected the best match for the mentor and mentee. The first program started in July 2021 and ran for 12 months. The program was designed as an online program, however, physical meetings during suitable occasions, such as events, network meetings or similar were considered as add-ons to the mentor-mentee relationship.

How did the mentorship program work?

The WiGH mentoring-program had a web-based kick-off meeting which allowed the mentors and mentee to get started as a tandem. During the mentorship program, mentors and mentees were asked to meet 5 times, however you are free to make individual arrangements. The pair discussed experiences from working in the hydrogen sector and shared tips for career development. WiGH also provided a starter-kit for the mentorship program. The program concluded with an interactive web-based graduation meeting. Typically, mentors and mentees calculated approx. 2 hours per month for mentoring-program related activities.

What’s in it for me?

Mentors served on an honorary basis and agree to respect the Global Code of Ethics for Mentors established by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. Each mentor-mentee tandem established an agreement on the frequency of interactions and the ways and channels of their communication to be used; the tandem also defined goals and priorities for their mentoring process. Recommended forms for the initial agreement as well as for progress tracking were supplied by WiGH. Each mentor-mentee pair was featured on social media. Upon completion of a full period of mentoring, WIGH issued a Certificate of Completion.

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