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About us

Women in Green Hydrogen is a network that aims to increase the visibility of women in the green hydrogen sector. We are a platform to connect and empower professionals from all around the world, to change and to shape a more diverse and inclusive discourse in the green hydrogen world.


Our goal is to build a community to foster knowledge exchange and connect women in green hydrogen, gathering talent and creating professional opportunities. For this, we invite all women working on green hydrogen to join our Networking Events, in which we facilitate exchange and discussion on a range of current topics with inputs from green hydrogen experts.


Extremely smart and inspiring women are working in the field of green hydrogen internationally. However, most conferences, panels and discussions are still led by male experts. We want to change that! Hence, we created an international expert database. The database lists profiles of women working in the green hydrogen sector, being both a valuable tool for event organizers and a platform to showcase women’s expertise and talent.

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Women in Green Hydrogen wants to be a platform to connect and amplify women’s voices. To do so, we will organize media presence, inform on events with women experts, monitor gender distribution at panels, and provide regular updates on the visibility of women in the sector.

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