Promoting Diversity in Green Hydrogen

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Women in Green Hydrogen is a network of passionate women working in the green hydrogen sector. Our vision is to increase the visibility and amplify the voices of women working in green hydrogen. 

The network provides a platform to connect, empower, and change.

Diversity is essential for a sector that thrives on innovation and new ideas.  Our network works to promote the participation of women in conferences, expert talks, and relevant media to shape a more diverse and inclusive discourse in the world of green hydrogen.

Our goal is to build a community to foster knowledge exchange, connect women in green hydrogen, and create professional opportunities for our members.

We organise networking events and panels about relevant topics in green hydrogen, manage an international expert database, and offer a mentorship programme.  We are also active on Twitter and LinkedIn to increase visibility, promote activities and facilitate exchange
After experiences in Sustainable Development departments in international companies from different sector I had an experience in Sustainability consulting before […]

Pénélope LAIGO

FM Logistic / Sustainable performance & Environment Manager
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Engineer for agriculture and food industry I worked in biomasse energy for territories as a consultant. Then, after a formation […]

Iris C.

Enerka Conseil / Consultant
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I’m a seasoned German and French to English translator specialising in the hydrogen economy. I love being creative with words […]

Nicola Bottrell Hayward

The Hydrogen Translator / Owner and Principal Translator
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