The World Hydrogen Decarbonising the Gas Grids conference returns in-person to debate and discover the most effective strategies for reshaping and implementing clean gas grids. Experts from the hydrogen field, politics, technology and business are coming together from all over the world to share their plans and priorities for future gas infrastructure, focusing on regulatory, economic and technical prospects. It will take place on the 9th and 10th of May in Barcelona, Spain.  

As a part of this conference, WiGH is hosting a breakfast and panel session on the 10th of May entitled “Diversity (of thoughts, projects and stakeholders) to achieve 2030 goals”. The panel begins at 8.30 and ends at 9.15. We are very proud to have a panel full of WiGH members at this event. 

Our Speakers 

Moderator: Rosa Puentes | Hydrogen and gas quality adviser at ENTSOG  

Speaker: Kerry-Ann Adamson | Global Strategic Advisor – Hydrogen at Worley  

Speaker: Eva Hennig | Head of Department Policy Issues Thüga, and Chair of the Eurogas Distribution Committee  

Speaker: Lavinia Tanase | Energy Regulatory Expert  

Speaker: Roxana Caliminte | Deputy Secretary General at GIE 

Speaker: Laura Sandys | Chair Government’s Energy Digitalisation Taskforce, Non-Executive Director SGN & Energy Systems Catapult.

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