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Rosa Puentes

Green energy transcends innovation—it's the fusion of technology, policy, and community. My role is to make this synergy practical, shaping a cleaner future with every step.

In a field driven by innovation, my ambition is to not only advance green technologies but also to amplify diverse voices in shaping our energy future. Together, we're engineering a cleaner, more inclusive world.

Green Gas Origination & Business Development
/ Zürich

Rosa Puentes is at the forefront of the energy transition in her role as Green Gas Origination & Business Development lead at Renera Energy, a European project developer and Switzerland's leading independent biomethane provider. With a robust engineering background, enhanced by her commercial expertise and market insight, Rosa drives sustainable green gas solutions across Europe, guiding energy suppliers and consumers towards actionable strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

In her previous role at a European organisation, Rosa initiated and coordinated multi-stakeholder initiatives, shaping the European renewable gas legislation. She fostered and sustained strategic partnerships, addressing the challenges and opportunities of decarbonizing the natural gas supply with hydrogen and biomethane.

Recognized as one of the World Energy Council’s 100 Future Energy Leaders, Rosa approaches the climate change dilemma with a results-oriented mindset, infusing realism into the discourse and promoting pragmatic solutions to ensure access to affordable, clean, and reliable energy.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Rosa is the co-editor and co-author of “Touching the Hydrogen Future,” a noteworthy publication produced by 38 energy professionals and embraced by over 9,000 readers, which encapsulates a collective vision of the potential and challenges of a hydrogen-powered future. Over the last year, she also played a pivotal role in the expansion and development of 'Women in Green Hydrogen Network', promoting the participation of women in conferences, expert talks, and relevant media to shape a more diverse and inclusive discourse in the world of hydrogen.

"Innovations for a Sustainable Development" Seminar (2019)

"Prime movers group gas quality & hydrogen handling - annual workshop" (2021, 2022)

"2nd Annual Conference - Green Hydrogen in Europe" (February, 2022)

"World Hydrogen Summit 2022" (May, 2022)

"World decarbonising the gas grids" conference (May, 2022)

"SPARK" (June, 2022)

“Touching Hydrogen future - book launch webinar with Energy post"(February, 2022)

"Touching Hydrogen Future - webinar launch with World Hydrogen Leaders" (April, 2022)

“How to touch hydrogen future” webinar as part of Hydrogen Online Workshop (October, 2022)

"World Energy Congress 2024" (April, 2024) - Confirmed speaker

"Hydrogen on the 'race' towards the energy transition".

[Available in Spanish: https://www.enerclub.es/frontNotebookAction/Biblioteca_/Publicaciones_Enerclub/Cuadernos/CE_N66_13 ]

"Green hydrogen as a fuel. Keys to its contribution to a decarbonized economy"

[Available in Spanish and English: https://oficinac.es/es/informes-c/hidrogeno-verde]

"Touching Hydrogen Future" - Book

[Download for free: https://europeangasmarket.eu/]

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