Rosa Puentes

Entrepreneur spirit, curious mind and passionate about new technologies.

Contributing to the energy system of the future – one that is efficient, resilient, secure, sustainable and based on citizens' empowerment.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Gas Quality & Hydrogen Adviser at ENTSOG
Belgium / Brussels

Industrial Technologies Engineer specialized in renewable energies by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Currently working as Hydrogen and Gas Quality Adviser within System Operation Business area at ENTSOG (European Network of Transmission System Operators of Gas).

Some of the key responsibilities of this role include: leadership and support for the development of the EU market rules and the technical aspects of the energy transition, liaison with ENTSOG Members and stakeholders to facilitate the future role of gas in the overall European energy mix, participation in processes led by the European Commission, ACER, CEN and other European authorities.

"Innovations for a sustainable development", 2019

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