Lucilene Rodrigues

Green hydrogen plays a key role in the global energy transition in the decarbonization process. Due to the strong and frequent climatic and also circumstantial changes that we are currently going through, a task force is needed to accelerate this transition process. And we women have great potential and can effectively contribute to this transformation process.

Federal University of Itajubá-UNIFEI
Itajubá - MG

Lucilene de Oliveira Rodrigues Chaves, Mechanical Engineer from Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI) PhD in Energy Conversion area, focused on a project of gas engines combustion chamber, from the same institution. Currently she is professor in the Mechanical Engineering Institute of Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI) and also Coordinator of the Energy Engineering degree program. Performance lines: thermal systems simulation, fuels, combustion and thermodynamics. She is responsible for mobility with hydrogen in the Hydrogen Center (CH2V), a partnership of GIZ/UNIFEI, which is part of H2Brazil Project, Germany-Brazil cooperation program. between the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy and GIZ.. She acts in projects of gas turbines, combined cycle. Currently starting research with green hydrogen applied to mobility and industry.

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