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Eva Ravn Nielsen

Global Advisor - Hydrogen & Power-to-X. Thought Leader

Hydrogen will not solve all challenges with global warming, but green hydrogen and e-fuels will be the main solutions for sectors hard to electrify.

Ramboll, Global Advisor - Hydrogen & Power-to-X

Passionate Thought Leader in green hydrogen, e-fuels, and Power-to-X with an executive presence. Sought-after Speaker, Moderator, and Advisor. Eva has a talent for communicating complex information to a broad audience, orally and in writing.

Dr. Eva Ravn Nielsen has 20 years’ experience within electrolysis, fuel cells, sustainable energy, and green energy transition.

Her team in Ramboll assist project developers and investors with market trends, techno-economic aspects, technology review, risk assessment, permitting, engineering design, construction management as well as funding opportunities. They have completed more than 200 hydrogen projects (2020-2023).

Prior to joining Ramboll, Eva was heading Test Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies as part of the Technical University of Denmark and was managing large-scale European demonstration projects.

In 2022 and 2023, Eva Ravn Nielsen was finalist for the World Hydrogen Award as Hydrogen Person of the Year. She has been chairman of the European Hydrogen & P2X conference, 2021-2024.

PhD, MSc in Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark and Certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA-B).

Catalyst H2, keynote: "Setting the Scene – Hydrogen, E-Fuels, and the Green Energy Transition”, California, 2023.

Mission Hydrogen webinar: “200 MW Power-to-X in Finland”, 2023 https://vimeo.com/859664585/b3177cdafa?share=copy

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Eva Ravn Nielsen: “Power-to-X and many colours of hydrogen” / “Power-to-X og brint i mange farver”, Energiforum Danmark, 2021 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/power-to-x-og-brint-i-mange-farver-eva-ravn-nielsen/?trackingId=ydpviAvCSX6WFuul1qpYTA%3D%3D

Eva Ravn Nielsen et al: Analyse af muligheder for Power-to-X og Grøn Gas på Lolland, 2021


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