Elizabeth Buckmaster

A relationship builder and trusted advisor working in the clean energy industry with a particular focus on hydrogen.

There is so much work to do in the fight against climate change that we can't have half the population not participating. Green hydrogen is the opportunity for the clean energy industry to do it right: bring passionate women in early who want to make a difference and will finish the fight.

Hatch, Client and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Power

I have been in the clean energy industry for over a decade and I am the client and stakeholder relations manager for Hatch’s power group. I develop and manage client and stakeholder engagement strategies for key stakeholders to advance the company brand while personally developing important relationships with relevant stakeholders. As a member of the leadership team I provide key input into the Power group’s business strategies and plans. I am also a member of the Hatch Diversity and Inclusion Design team, leading the External Process task force.

I am a board member of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and I am the chair of their communications committee.

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