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Zanele Hakamela

Available as mentor
Available as a mentor for the Mentoring Program 2023/24

The network provides a platform for women to network, share knowledge, and access opportunities in green hydrogen, contributing to a more equitable and innovative energy transition. Supporting women in this field not only enriches the talent pool but also ensures that diverse perspectives shape the future of sustainable energy.

GIZ SAGEN/ Technical Advisor

Zanele is a Technical Advisor at SAGEN, specialising in project implementation within the realms of technology innovation, gender mainstreaming, and capacity building. Zanele boasts seven years of experience in the climate change and energy sector, contributing to both private and public initiatives. Zanele has spearheaded sustainable energy policy development, delved into extensive research on a spectrum of energy and climate change subjects, spanning renewable energy technologies, building energy management, and gender mainstreaming within the energy sector. Her experience is complemented by a strong commitment to incorporating gender considerations into the energy sector and a determination to advocate for clean energy solutions.

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