Wendy Baker

Dynapower, Hydrogen Segment Manager
Tucson, AZ

Bringing Green Hydrogen Projects to Life (currently as a power conversion equipment provider to partners). Arizona FCEV Adoption Advocate.

Goal: Be a driving, impactful pioneer in the global hydrogen transition.

Award-winning business development professional with a creative, diversified, and multi-directional approach for maximal impact. Experience across business development, sales, project management, and design thinking. Highly effective at organizing and directing teams and projects toward a collective goal. Collaborative and calm in navigating unexpected challenges. Able to read the room, think critically, fill the gaps, and get deals done with optimal efficiency and execution. Not afraid to ask the tough questions, negotiate, and always able to adapt to the audience. Super power: organization of critical information and execution to drive sales resulting in revenue generation.


Project Mapping & Planning

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Stakeholder Management


Time Management

Business Strategy

Team Oriented

Client Attentiveness

Workplace Efficiency


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