Viviana Cigolotti

Passionate about Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies. Responsible of international, european and national R&D H2 related projects at ENEA.

Women will play an essential role in the rapid deployment of the Hydrogen economy, and in the enabling of the energy transition.

ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
/ Naples

Researcher at ENEA in the Laboratory for energy storage, batteries and hydrogen production and utilisation technologies.

Researcher activity focused on the study of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for stationary applications, for cogeneration, polygeneration (electricity, heat and cold) and for mobile and / or transportable applications.

Participant in National and European projects on Hydrogen technologies R&D&D; Italian representative in IEA TCP Advanced Fuel Cell and Operating Agent of the Annex 33 Fuel Cell for Stationary Applications; Author of several scientific papers in the above fields in international journals or international conference proceedings; Reviewer and member of editorial and advisor board of scientific journals; Scientific manager of the European Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition.

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