Vanesa Gil

Expert on energy conversion and storage devices.

Inspiring network conveying our commitment and strong motivation while boosting female representation in clean energy revolution!

ARAID Senior researcher - Head of R&D at Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa)
Spain / Zaragoza

Over 15 years of scientific career in applied research for energy conversion and storage

devices; since my PhD and by taken up positions in Denmark (DTU Energy-former Risoe), Norway (NTNU) and UK (Sheffield University). As a senior scientist I have a strong experience in the

development of fuel cells, water electrolysers and other electrochemical devices; either tailoring

high performance materials and components or investigating novel concepts to achieve

more efficient and sustainable energy technologies. I aim to apply my strong industrial

and academic expertise to accelerate the transition to a competitive and efficient low carbon economy.

I have acquired in depth competences in project management and excellence science research

in Material Science, Energy, Chemical Engineering and Electrochemistry. I work

globally to connect all the key players from the scientific community to

industrial partners.

FCH JU - Programme Review Days (Brussels): "ELYntegration project" (2019)

World Hydrogen Techonologies Convention (WHTC, Tokyo): " Effect on the system of alkaline water electrolysers following dynamic operation patterns:

validation of grid services testing protocols" (2019)

Word Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC, Rio Janeiro): (invited) Lifetime assessment of novel membranes for water electrolysis technology providing grid

services" (2018)

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