Serene Esuruoso

Carbon Trust, Hydrogen Lead

I have a BEng, MEng in Energy Engineering from the University of Leeds. As part of this, I took a year out to work for Sainsbury’s as an Energy Analyst.

I then spent some time working as a Director of a student charity, before becoming Secretariat for the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. I have since moved on to Carbon Trust where I am leading the development of our hydrogen offering.

We support the public and private sector by identifying innovation needs for sector development, creating sector-wide strategies, and delivering joint innovation programmes which bring together a range of stakeholders to overcome common challenges.

I’m also interested in exploring the role hydrogen could play in improving energy access in the Global South.

Serene Esuruoso, Beatrice Stockport, Tom Jennings, Nadia Montoto, 2021: Hydrogen Production Innovation Priorities, on behalf of Mission Innovation 2.0's Clean Hydrogen Mission (

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