Sabine Lauffer

As Managing Director (CEO) I am in charge of economic development in the Mecklenburg Lake District , which is by the way the largest district in Germany. With my team we advise companies, founders and municipalities on all questions of founding, financing, expansion, R*D support. The topic of hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, has been at the top of our list of priorities since the last two years. We organize live sessions 4-5 times a year, which we broadcast in digital streams, present companies, politicians and associations that deal with the topic of green hydrogen and its diverse fields of application.

There are so many talented and ambitious woman in business and research - it's absolutely necessary to give this treasure a platform and visibility.

CEO of WMSE business consulting
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Experienced General Manager with a proven track of management positions in industry and communal business consulting. Advisory Board Member. Speaker.

Skilled Expert with strengths in regional development, digitalization as well as corporate strategy. The actual focus is on the implementation of hydrogen and the development for further applications in logistic and industry.

Many years of business experience in the U.S., France and Switzerland. Evangelist of digital leadership and VUCA approaches.

Holding a master degree of economics from the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim.

Livestream of the first digital industrial fair in 2020 with #Wolfgang Grupp the owner of #Trigema

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