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Rita Monteiro

Working in Steel decarbonization globally, including support in technology adoption, and measurement. Hydrogen is a key catalyst to replace fossil fuels in the iron making process, and further in the Steel making process.

To fuel innovation in the rapidly evolving arena of climate change solutions, we require a diversity of perspectives and expertise. Including more women in this endeavour not only enriches the talent pool but also provides tangible benefits for business and societal progress.

GFG Alliance / Liberty Steel group

Over the last 5 years, I have been working exclusively in Sustainability, first in Amazon, and now in the Steel Industry. With a particular focus on decarbonization measurement and identification of solutions to decarbonize, I explored Logistics and Supply Chain decarbonization, including alternative fuels and Energy transition. This work span from connecting commercial opportunities, drafting R&D roadmaps, policy advocacy and stakeholder engagement, with a common thread to identify data and science based solutions.

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