Rafaella de Carvalho Dourado

Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Energy and Environmental Managment.

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Physis Engineering - CEO

Rafaella Dourado is highly accomplished Energy Engineer with a strong background in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and Power-to-X (PTX) technologies. With a Master's degree in Energy and Environmental Management for Developing Countries and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Automation and Control, she possesses a robust academic foundation. Over the years, she has led and coordinated diverse consulting projects, delivering exceptional results in implementing energy management systems, conducting energy audits, and developing sustainable solutions for construction companies, hospitals, and industrial clients worldwide. Her expertise extends to the research and development of clean energy technologies, including biogas, chemical simulations, and PTX solutions. She has played a pivotal role in circular economy projects, waste management strategies, and the decarbonization of industries to produce renewable fuels. Moreover, her proficiency in multiple languages allows her to effectively collaborate with international stakeholders and foster knowledge transfer. As a committed advocate of gender equality, she ensures that projects she leads are designed to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all. With a proven track record of driving innovation and achieving tangible outcomes, she is thrilled to bring her passion for sustainable energy and expertise to esteemed organization.

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