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Olga Półchłopek

Olga is the Data Lead at Battolyser Systems, innovative producer of an integrated battery-electrolyser. She focuses on techno-economic modelling and optimisation of energy transition assets (electrolysers, batteries, Battolyser®), and enabling their flexible operation leveraging renewable sources, multiple energy markets, ancillary services and RED compliance. Organiser of H2ckathon, a series of roundtable events for experts in the field of electrolyser operation, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation among hydrogen and energy professionals.

I believe we need strong voices and even stronger collaboration in the industry to ensure sufficient regulation and financing for truly green hydrogen. We need flexible assets to meet variable supply of renewables, and we need them to be economically attractive.

Data Lead at Battolyser Systems

Academic background in Economics and Mathematics (Polish Academy of Sciences) combined with practical experience of building software (BCG X, CO2 AI)

Women in Tech (Warsaw 2022), Women in Data Science (Oslo 2022), IGNITE (virtual, 2022)

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