Olga Lozova

PhD Researcher (Green Hydrogen Technologies),

Construction Project Manager,

MArch and MCM

Women play a crucial role in the mitigation of climate change through their leadership as a result of their high level of social responsibility and phenomenal ability to care about others and the environment. To empower the sustainability, the women need to be empowered. Today, there is an increasing demand for women's perspectives on the research and what they can do in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, social development, environmental and ecological sustainability supported by the technological progress. I believe that by connecting inspiring women in the Green Hydrogen Network with like-minded industry professionals, we will be able to meet this need.

Consultant Project Manager Capital and Major Works for the Ministry of Education New Zealand

I have 20+ years of practical experience within the construction industry as an architect and construction project manager. In my current position, I work as an consultant for the public sector on projects that aim to reduce the carbon footprint. In parallel with this, I am working on my PhD engineering research which is focused on the area of decarbonization of the built environment via application of green hydrogen technologies.

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