Nicola Bottrell Hayward

I help companies in the hydrogen sector break through the language barrier.

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The Hydrogen Translator / Owner and Principal Translator
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I’m a seasoned German and French to English translator specialising in the hydrogen economy. I love being creative with words and am also able to quickly understand new and complex technologies. Thanks to certified training on hydrogen and the natural gas network from the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, not to mention countless hours of research and CPD, I can make sense of hydrogen in all its colours. My interest in hydrogen and fuel cells grew naturally from my specialist translation work in smart homes, renewables and heating systems. For many years I have provided support to these sectors as both a freelance and in-house linguist and benefited from industrial training on gas boilers, heat pumps and biomass at the Viessmann Training Academy in Telford. Plus, I can draw on over 10 years of experience from my work in translation departments in Hamburg, Brussels and the UK. Since 2019, I’ve been helping companies in the hydrogen arena reach out to a global audience by rendering their technical and marketing texts into impeccable English.

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Nicola Bottrell Hayward, 2020: UK gears up for hydrogen heating, H2-international /

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