Natalia Chaves

Environmental Scientist, TEDX Speaker (2022), specialized in Renewable Energy Management, with emphasis on the solar energy sector. She works on the development of projects on innovation, energy and sustainability, with a focus on Energy Transition at the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK-RIO). With extensive knowledge of the photovoltaic sector, she is co-founder of the Brazilian Women Network in Solar Energy (MESol). She is a member of the International Global Woman Network for Energy Transition (GWNet), the Sustainable Slums Network and other initiatives related to energy, gender and climate justice.

Inclusion and diversity for energy transition and climate change mitigation.

Deutsch-Brasilianische Industrie- und Handelskammer
Rio de Janeiro

Coordinator of Energy Transition and Sustainability at the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rio de Janeiro - AHK Rio

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