Monica Aguado Alonso

Director of Grid Integration Department CENER

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with expertise in renewable energies and storage energy systems

Because green hydrogen is a technology that will acquire great relevance in the future and therefore it is necessary for women to be present combining capacity

Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), Director of Grid Integration Department
Spain / Pamplona

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with more than 24 years of experience as researcher and engineer has developed her career at the private and public sector. Expert on Power Electrical Systems mainly on two aspects: grid integration of renewable energies and aspects related to electromagnetic transients in power systems. She is Professor at the Electric and Electronic Engineering Department in the Public University of Navarra and from 2003 and combines her charges as Professor at the University with charges as Director of IRE Department of CENER. Author of numerous scientific publications, has participated in a large number of national and international expert groups, committees and conferences, related to different domains ranged from electric engineering to energy storage with hydrogen. She is also the author of 2 patents and expert evaluator in national and international evaluation processes. She has been the main researcher in several projects. In the last years is participating as a mentor for promoting STEM careers.

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