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Marlett Balmer

Available as mentor
Available as a mentor for the Mentoring Program 2023/24

My work in green hydrogen focusses on capacity building, research co-ordination, sustainability and private sector collaboration.

The Women in Green Hydrogen showcases the knowledge, expertise and know-how of women in the sector that otherwise may disappear. Highlighting the number of women involved supports networking and serves as inspiration for other women that may want to join the sector.

Implementation manager in the GIZ implemented GH.SA (green hydrogen South Africa) programme.

I hold a master's degree in development studies, as well as an honors degree in Energy Studies from the University of Johannesburg. I have worked in the South African energy sector for more than two decades in different roles and positions. At the moment I work in the GIZ implemented H2.SA programme, focused on building a green hydrogen economy in South Africa, in collaboration with public and private sector role-players. In the programme, I am mostly dealing with topics related to green hydrogen and capacity building, research, innovation, private sector cooperation and international collaboration.

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