Marlena Krym

I specialize in energy efficiency management and safety engineering solutions for Industrial and Residential Buildings , Electrical Grid Infrastructure, Power Generation, Energy Storage, Hydrogen and E -mobility and charging network.

Managing Director

Engineer and Entrepreneur.

Professional Qualifications:

Galileo Master Certificate in Energy Efficiency Consultant Expert

Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management; Gdansk Polytechnic

Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program

School of Engineering , Stanford University.

I am an advocate for sustainable design and have considerable 17+ experience in energy sector, including energy innovation and emerging technologies in decarbonization.

Areas of personal expertise and training :

IET Incorporated Engineer

APS Certified CDM Principal Designer

IOSH Chartered

17 + years of experience in the design and construction in energy sector

Combined Gas and Nuclear Power Plants

Renewables – onshore wind facilities and solar

HV / LV Transmission and Distribution

Gas Compressor Stations

Energy Storage

E Mobility and Charging Network

Battery Safety

Hydrogen Safety

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