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Marjana Jovicic-Tampier

Energy transition, Sustainability & Green transformation

The active and resolute engagement of women in the green hydrogen sector acts as a driving force for advancing both social and economic progress within the realm of sustainability, while also fostering the promotion of equitable, diverse, and inclusive communities.

Managing Consultant

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Market entry strategy, Product & Business Development of Hydrogen for regional and global market

Energy industry: Business transformation, Business- and operating model for the development of green (turquoise, blue) hydrogen, decarbonization concepts for industrial customers (biomass, synthetic fuels, hydrogen, ammonium, methanol etc.), strategic development hydrogen roadmap

Gas industry: Automatization and optimization of tailer logistic for cryogen liquids and filling stations, planning and implementation of new piping concepts for industrial plants and risk management

Gas industry: Strategic development of energy efficiency programs, prioritization and implementation of energy efficiency projects (asset investment planning, process optimization, sector coupling etc.)


“Finnish-Danish-German Offshore and H2-Event” (23.11.2023)

all other presentation at customers or company internal (200 participantes)




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