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Mariana Paiva

Renewable Energy Engineer with 5 years of experience in the energy sector, specializing in gas distribution. She started her career as a Project Engineer and actively collaborated on pioneering projects such as the Green Pipeline Project/Natural Hydrogen Energy. Currently, she is a Project Manager involved in strategic projects that focus on decarbonizing gas consumption through the introduction of renewable gases, such as green hydrogen and biomethane. Her professional journey reflects dedication to innovation and sustainability, towards the application of strategic solutions for the energy sector.

Project Manager in the Strategy and Energy Transition Department of Portugal's largest natural gas distributor, Floene Energias. I have collaborated on projects focused on decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization of the gas sector.

My professional journey in the energy field began as a project engineer but also included brief experiences in other sectors that contributed to my enrichment as a professional: environmental engineering (water resource efficiency), software programming and testing, and sales promotion (seasonal work while studying).

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