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Maria Laura Rios Gomez

As an R&D manager, I have been keen in promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion as a requisite to develop robustness in our business, to grow and drive in a complex environment; constantly influenced by change and un-expected consequences. Innovation is an emergent property of such complex systems. That means that it happens when a system is more than the sum of its parts. To empower people to drive innovation we need to tackle two important features: engagement and effective communication. I have a background in physics, with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, and experience in agile projects management in electrolysis. That background, as well as my experience with communication skills around conflict resolution and on how to give constructive feedback, makes me very interested in participating in these type of events, as a potential speaker.

Women fall very often into a typically shy behaviour: We say to ourselves "..just concentrate on your work, and the recognition will come as a consequence". Although there is no lasting recognition without hard and consistent work; it is also a reality that recognition is a function of perception, and perception is shaped by communication. We need to be comfortable communicating our successes and sharing our failures, simply because we are the only ones with full visibility of our work and its impact. This network will help us to do precisely that.

Ceres Power. Materials R&D Team Manager

Collaborative leader with dedication to partnering with co-workers to promote engaged, empowering work culture with a strong focus on innovation. Materials Scientist, experienced in managing teams working on Technology R&D projects for clean energy applications. Strong academic background in Physics and Materials Research, complemented with industrial experience working in Solid Oxide Cells, particularly electrolysers. Documented strengths in negotiation and conflict resolution, focused on building and maintaining relationships with diverse range of stakeholders in dynamic, fast-paced settings.

That is a quick resume of my competencies, in the way that normally appears on CVs. A more personal an interesting note could be to say that (as my grandfather before me), rather than optimistic or pessimistic, I am a humanist. That means that I choose to believe in the infinite potential for personal and professional growth that we have as human beings. Almost any person, provided with the right environment, can grow to become a strong contributor to the team and the community. My motivation, and a great deal of my efforts, have been focused on shaping that environment, so I can have the privilege of witnessing that growth.

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