Lynne Yu

She is an entrepreneur of renewable project developer and a startup of Hydrogen storage material company. Currently she is a researcher at Stanford University, and PhD of UNSW, electrical engineering, Master of EE at UQ.

SynCo Global, CEO

Lynne is a specialist in utility-scale renewable project development and power system engineer. This includes more than 20GW proposed and committed renewable project experience. She is also a startup for Hydrogen Storage technology company.

Smart Energy Council, "Challenges and Opportunities of Renewable energy integration in the NEM grid" 2022 in person

APAC renewable organization, "Opportunities of Australia Energy electricity market" 2021

many online webinars about system strength challenges of power grid and renewable integration.

Zhaoyang Dong, Li YU, journal-2021

Li Yu, Dr. Ke Meng, etc - journal paper, 2021

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