Luisa Rivas

Environmental Engineer.

I have been in the green hydrogen business for more than 3 years and the predominance of men in this sector has always caught my attention. I love being part of a network that positions and empowers women within these sectors

Senior Associate

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering in Venezuela. I am coursing a master’s degree in Energy Engineering in the UDELAR, which mainly focuses on renewable energies. Also, this year I finished my Diplomaed in Green Hydrogen from the Catholic University of Chile.

Now, and since five years ago I have been working with Ficus Advisory, a financial investment and developer company focused on renewable energies and green hydrogen. With them, I have participated in the development of wind/solar projects and transactions that exceed 200 MW, since preliminary studies, preliminary analysis of projects, negotiations of full EPC proposals, negotiations of full PPA agreements, and till the selling of these projects.

Three years ago, with Ficus, I mainly focused on green hydrogen, participating in the development of projects with different technologies.

In South America, we are developing green hydrogen projects in the South of Argentina using electrolysis technology, we have now secured more than 200.000 ha and started the first studies.

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