Katrien Verwimp

Coordinator Sector Integration - Energy Certificates - Strategy consultant

Coordinator Sector Integration, Association of Issuing Bodies. Founder of Enunda bv - Energy Tracking

I help energy certificate issuers to design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future proof for the ongoing energy transition.

With 20 years of experience in energy certification I focus on strengthening cooperation between issuing bodies and stakeholders, helping to draft standards and regulation, facilitate energy certificate markets and supervise origin disclosure. I’ve helped the Association of Issuing Bodies, the CertifHy project, the EnergyTag Initiative and individual certificate issuers around the globe to create more transparency in the origin of energy and realize the purpose of their certification system.

This enables the system participants to impact the sustainability of energy production and contribute to a cleaner world: Consumers are empowered to make active choices for a clean origin of the energy they consume, Regulators are equipped to achieve targets, Governments can support energy that meets their criteria.

REC Market Meeting, April 2022, Amsterdam: 'Facilitating evolution in a broadly implemented energy certificate standard' , on behalf of AIB;

EU Hydrogen Week, December 2021: 'Smart Talk on Hydrogen Certification' , on behalf of AIB;

- CEER VERBUND H2Future, February 2021: 'Green Hydrogen for Industry Regulatory Workshop', on behalf of AIB;

- REGATRACE project, March 2021: 'Workshop on Challenges for handling certificates in relation with energy conversion', on behalf of AIB.

Interview with Katrien Verwimp

- EKOENERGY interview https://www.ekoenergy.org/nl/what-is-the-cen-standard-process-all-about/

Public Reports developed under the lead of Katrien Verwimp

- FaStGO project led by Katrien Verwimp, service contract to DG ENER from the European Commission, 14 reports, including a proposal for the EN16325 Standard for Guarantees of Origin

- REGATRACE Report with Harmonised Rules for handling guarantees of origin for energy carrier conversion (Horizon 2020 funded project)

- Green Reporting Procedure leading to the GreenCheck webtool from the Flemish Energy Regulator

- Reports from supervision on energy suppliers from Flemish Energy Regulator: energy origin and quota obligation fulfilment for support system for renewable energy and high efficient cogeneration.

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