Jekaterina Boening

Passionate about the topic of hydrogen I believe that it offers us a chance to finally reach the solution for an effective climate policy while maintaining EU's technological advancement. In my work I don't stop searching for new ideas, trying to bring creativity and thoughtful analysis in everything I do.

Women's perspective on hydrogen economy can help us in creating a more sustainable, inclusive and diverse system from the very beginning.

Transport & Environment, Senior Policy Manager
Germany / Berlin

My journey into the energy world started with E.ON SE. After getting an insight into activities of a leading utility I moved to academia and then politics to finally join the Federation of German Industries (BDI) as an energy expert in 2016. Four years of supporting industry in its transformation to climate neutrality motivated me to join T&E, where I'm working on sustainable solutions for decarbonising the transport sector.

BDI position: Priorities of the German industry for the National Hydrogen Strategy (DE)

BDI position: An industry-roadmap for the market ramp-up of climate-neutral gases (DE)

Jacques Delors policy paper: Starting a new chapter in EU-Algeria energy relations

Jacques Delors background note: Nord Stream 2 – opportunities and dilemmas of a new gas supply route to the EU

Jacques Delors policy paper: Capacity mechanisms in the EU: nationalizing energy security?

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