Janina Zittel

Head of the EnergyLab at the Research Campus MODAL

Zuse Institute Berlin
/ Berlin

Coming from climate modeling, in 2014, I joined the Zuse Institute Berlin to work on sustainable energy network optimization. I am head of the EnergyLab of the Research Campus MODAL and the research groups Prescriptive Systems and Multi Energy Systems. Using algorithmic intelligence with my team I aim to develop software to make efficient and sustainable use of transport infrastructure.

"Energy system planning in times of change –a hierarchical and multi-objective approach for sustainable investment planning", EURO Practitioners’ Forum 4th Annual Conference, 20.04.2023, Berlin

Panelist at World Hydrogen Leaders

"World Hydrogen Decarbonising the Gas Grid"

in the panel: "Evaluating the Technical Aspects of Decarbonising Gas Grids: Safety, Risk, and Resilience", 14.12.2022 (online)

"Mathematics of Gas Transport - Let's Talk about Data," ENTSOG 13th Transparency Workshop on 21 November 2019, Brussels

Jaap Pedersen, Kai Hoppmann-Baum, Janina Zittel, Thorsten Koch, Blending hydrogen into natural gas: An assessment of the capacity of the German gas grid, Operations Research Proceedings 2021, https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-08623-6_28

Kai Hoppmann-Baum, Felix Hennings, Janina Zittel, Uwe Gotzes, Eva-Maria Spreckelsen, Klaus Spreckelsen, Thorsten Koch, From Natural Gas towards Hydrogen - A Feasibility Study on Current Transport Network Infrastructure and its Technical Control, ZIB-Report 20-27, urn:nbn:de:0297-zib-79901

Sandrine Charousset et al. Synergistic approach of multi-energy models for a European optimal energy system management tool, The Project Repository Journal, Vol.Volume 9, pp. 113-116, 2021

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