Jackie Marsh

Gas Detection Specialist with insights into hydrogen safety. Keeping safety on the agenda.

There is strength in diversity, and it's important that women are enabled and empowered to bring their gifts and skills to bear in this important field.

Senior Technical Specifications Engineer at Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

Having begun a career in engineering as an electronics technician apprentice many years ago, I've first hand experience of pursuing a career in a male dominated field. As a specification engineer for a global gas detection company, my role involves working with project stakeholders to ensure that the best safety solutions are put into place where in applications where there are potential gas hazards. Safety is a key consideration in hydrogen applications, but I think it's important to reassure people that there are proven hydrogen detection technologies with a long track record of deployment. I'm also CompEx 12 qualified, so have an insight into requirements for potentially flammable atmospheres.

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