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Iyaloo Akuaake

Iyaloo Akuaake is a Project Developer at HDF Energy with a background in Environmental Management (Honors, UCT) and Renewable Energy and Sustainability (Postgraduate, Stellenbosch University). Currently finalizing a Master's in Energy and Development at UCT, she possesses five years of sustainability experience. Iyaloo’s interests lie in the local benefits of green hydrogen developments as well as shaping the institutional aspects of the green hydrogen industry, by drawing lessons from other sectors. Iyaloo brings a dedication to sustainability and economic development.

The women in green hydrogen network is important to foster the inclusivity of women in the energy industry.

HDF Energy: Business Developer
Cape Town

Iyaloo is an experienced professional with experience in the environmental and sustainability field. She is deeply committed to participate and promote Africa's energy transition, taking into consideration the sustainable development goals.

Research Showcase and Dialogue on Green Hydrogen in the Context of Southern Africa 2023; Hosted by UCT + Energy Observer: Moderator and Speaker.

Iyaloo Akuaake, 2019: Renewable Energy Socio-economic Benefits - Lessons from SA's REIPPPP (Etango Renewable Energy Magazine)

Iyaloo Akuaake, 2022: Namibia’s Development Path: Choosing a Green Economy (The Namibian Newspaper).

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