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Isabel Castro

Available as mentor
Available as a mentor for the Mentoring Program 2023/24

At the helm of marketing for Accelera by Cummins in the Americas, my role as Electrolyzer Marketing Director is defined by a commitment to fostering strategic partnerships and driving the hydrogen strategy forward. My expertise in partnership management has been instrumental in establishing robust collaborations, which have in turn supported our market expansion and product positioning in a highly competitive landscape.

The Women in Green Hydrogen network is important to not only provide access to trading information, but also serves as an important avenue to empower women in this promising industry.

Director, Electrolyzer Marketing - Americas

Isabel Castro has more than fifteen years of work experience in strategy, marketing, and business development. She holds a MBA degree from Purdue University and currently serves as the Electrolyzer Marketing Director for the Americas at Accelera by Cummins. Over the past few years, she has played a crucial role in shaping Accelera's hydrogen strategy, establishing key partnerships, and contributing to the overall business development efforts. With a strong analytical mindset, outstanding problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Isabel is a valuable asset to the Cummins team.

Presented about "Scaling Up H2 Electrolyzer Technology to Create a Sustainable Future" at Electrolysis North America, Toronto, 2024 and in Hydrogen Americas Summit, Washington DC, 2024

Participated in a Panel at hy-fcell Canada - International Expo and Conference | Vancouver, 2024

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