Fernanda Nan

Green hydrogen has changed paradigms, we are walking towards a new and accelerated energy transition. This network enhances the prominent industry. Our goal is to bring professionals and organizations together: to tackle our sustainability challenges, we need everyone on board. Let´s create sinergy and powerful green energy!

Global ESG & Compliance Manager, SOWITEC group GmbH

Passionate about Sustainability!! Curious, proactive and open minded professional with 10+ years of international experience in Renewable Energy and more than 12 on themes of IDB auditing, Equator Principles (EP) and IFC PS, International Cooperation, Compliance Risk Managment, Ethical Supply Chain Managment, ESG Due Diligences , Public Procurement and M&A DD, Environmental laws, Carbon Footprint Verification, Circular Economy, Sustainability Reports, GRI and double materiality, Engagement with diverse Stakeholders: SEP, H&S managment, Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESMS).

I am used to work in multicultural environments, dealing with diverse business partners.

Professor of Global Sustainability Business at Engineering Faculty of Universidad de Montevideo. Lecturer at AHK Akademy in Environmental Managment, at LSQA , and guest Seminar Professor responsible at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Member of Innovation Committee from AHK AR.

Hold a LL.M (Master in Law) and a MS.c in CSR -Environmental and Social Responsibility (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia); specialized in Human Rights- Henry Dunant, Switzerland, Leader Professional in Ethics and Compliance -LPEC (USA) and Certified in International Auditing by ACCA (UK).

Attending "Development of a Hydrogen Economy" by OLADE.

Trained by IACA (International Anticorruption Academy, Vienna) and by Washington Collage of Law, American University, USA (WB practices).

I enjoy challenging my comfort zone, combining all what I have done to create shared value: energy for all.

1. “Green Hydrogen Power: The journey to 100% renewable energy”

Conference in Punta del Este, in St. Helena Boat, 26.11.2022


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5. Collective Actions: how to create sustainable business? 2021


6. Videos supporting Alliance for Integrity GIZ. E.g. Program From Enterprises to Enterprises and project “Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals 2030”.

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-Cómo elaborar Código de Ética http://www.buenosnegocios.com/notas/2...

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