Fernanda Delgado

Professor and Researcher at FGV Energy in Rio de Janeiro. FGV is the third think tank in the world.

When we see just male voices on anything related to energy, it is important organisations like this to show that we can talk about whatever we want, in a deep, comprehensive era very intelligent way.

Professor and Researcher
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

PHD trained in Energetic Planning, with petroleum geopolitics emphasis, Master degrees in Management Engineering and in International Finance. Four published books on Petropolitics, and affiliated professor of Oil Geopolitics in Brazilian Navy Officers University.

Professional experience in relevant companies, in Brazil and abroad, as Deloitte, Vale S.A., Gama Filho University, Royal Shipping Services and Dickinson Maritime Agency. Skilled on business plans design and construction, project financial viability studies and business valuation. Long experience in strategic planning, merger and acquisition, business analysis, economic and financial evaluation and competitive intelligence.

At FGV Energy is responsible for the oil, gas, biofuels and energy transition lines of research.

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