Eva L Gardow

Eva is seasoned engineer and project manager with experience in developing fuel cells, clean energy programs, as well as energy storage technology analysis, integration, and deployment

Hydrogen has a place in the world's energy future and women have a strong influence to shape the future.

Electric Power Research Institute, Principle Technical Leader
United States / KINNELON

Eva L. Gardow is a Principal Technical Leader at the Electric Power Research Institute responsible for energy storage research technology review, member engagement, and demonstration project management. Prior experience was gained at FirstEnergy Service Company where her responsibilities included management of the strategy, evaluation and demonstrations of energy storage technologies, its analysis, and integration into the power system. She is past Chair of EPRI’s Energy Storage Integration Council and was a board of director for the Energy Storage Association, 2007-2015. She was the project manager for the EPRI Smart Grid Integrated Distributed Energy Resources project deployed in FirstEnergy’s New Jersey distribution company, JCP&L. She has also managed JCP&L’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, the solar electric business of GPU Solar, and provided technical guidance for the Ballard Generation Systems fuel cell power plant development. Other experience was gained at UTC Fuel Cells where she worked on the PC25 stationary fuel cell and Stone & Webster Engineering Corp. She has a BSME from Clarkson University and an MBA from the University of Hartford.

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