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Elena Chvanova

Energy sector professional

Networking among female professionals in this rapidly evolving and changing sector is very important to always stay up to date and exchange ideas.

Hamburg Institut/Senior Consultant and Project Manager

As a senior consultant and project manager, I focus on national and international verification systems for renewable energies in various sectors. Right now I am helping the German government to set up guarantees of origin register for gases incl. hydrogen as well as heating and cooling. I have extensive experience in energy economics and policy and above 7 years of experience in the energy transition projects on the German, European and international level. In various studies, I highlighted different aspects of international energy markets, including the electricity distribution market in different countries. I am a member of the DIN-led working group "Guarantees of Origin and Environmental Aspects" of the collaborative project "Standardization Roadmap Hydrogen Technologies" funded by BMWK and represent Germany internationally at IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration, focusing on the hydrogen certification system.

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