Clara Arpa Azofra

SHIE: Co-founder. ARPA: CEO

Clara Arpa is co-founder of SHiE ( a company that develops projects based on the generation and distribution of green hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Aware of the importance and benefits of moving from a linear model to a circular model, under her leadership, SHiE carries out relevant projects focused on energy transition and sustainability.

The SHiE projects are the response to the need for generation and distribution of green hydrogen as a clean energy source, also contributing their experience for the creation of new refueling points.

This projects make possible to use all surplus renewable energy not used for self-consumption or not fed into the grid in surplus or dedicated local installations through modular hydrogenators and hydrogen dispensers.

Besides this, Clara Arpa is CEO and owner of ARPA Equipos Móviles de Campaña (, specialized company with 54 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile field integral solutions in diverse sectors in more than 70 countries.

Innovation is the core of ARPA’s business. This is the reason is at the forefront of multiple innovative projects from mobile health solutions to special shelters or camps.

An example of this turn-key projects is LIFE ZEROENERGYMOD a modular, livable, robust, easy to install and transport solution based on the PassivHaus standard together with hydrogen-based renewable energy generation. In addition, SHiE offers turnkey projects tailored to the needs of hydrogen generation modules, compression, storage, transportation, and dispensing.

Moreover, it coordinates the project “NOvel energy storage technologies usable at MilitAry Deployments in forward operating bases”, NOMAD, that will build a collaborative framework among European industries, R&D organizations, and relevant stakeholders to promote, support the development and operational validation of European energy storage and associated technologies, from feasibility studies to validation in relevant environments.

Amongst other projects, it participates in the project “Energy Independent and Efficient Deployable Military Camps”, INDY, aimed to develop a strategic roadmap towards the future energy independent and efficient deployable military camps, based on a paradigm shift for energy production, conversion, storage, transport, distribution, and final usage. The project is building on military and civilian EU and national projects.

Furthermore, Clara Arpa is honored to be part of member board of Directors of UN Global Compact where she serves as a representative of the private sector since 2018, chairs the Spanish Global Compact Network and is member of the Steering Committee of Local 2030 Coalition amongst several professional businesses.

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