Cindy te Boome

Developing the design and work process for water electrolysis plants to procedure green hydrogen.

Experienced process engineer and maintenance engineer manager in electrolysis plants.

By nature my strongest values are structuring, staying calm in stressfull situations, thinking ahead, taking decisions, working accurate and being persistent;


From background I am a chemical engineer and working as Process Development Engineer at HyCC B.V. to develop green hydrogen water electrolysis plants. Secondly I have focus on maintenance.

I have worked for 14 years in Chlor Alkali electrolysis as process engineer, commissioning and start-up lead and maintenance engineer manager.

Worked on the development of a remote controlled chlorine production plant and developed a large part of the automation.

Worked as lead commissioning and start-up engineer for a large Chlor-Alkali plant (and as deputy CSU manager) and leading teams in production/maintenance/Engineering at a Chlor-Alkali and energy plant.

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