Ashima Choudhry

Chartered Chemical Engineer primed to leverage 18 + years’ background overseeing critical asset process and risk management functions for Oil and Gas Industry. Strong focus on operational excellence to ensure they are operated within defined strategic and operational performance range by improving process safety and reducing the site risk profiles. Passionate for Renewable Sources of Energy uses to reduce emissions.

Great platform to connect with passionate women where we can support each other, share the learnings and grow together in the energy sector.


Different roles in Oil Refinery and Gas Distribution network as below over the years:

Arup- Senior Technical Risk Specialist

• Lead and provide input on technical risk and safety to support Hydrogen and renewable energy projects.


Assets Risk and Assurance Specialist and Risk Facilitator-

• Provide technical leadership and accountability in risk and compliance management for asset process safety systems.

• Provide guidance to Business Units on application of risk methodology, in consultation with Group Risk team as required.

Jemena Distribution Networks Risk Specialist (Subject Matter Expert)

• Effectively manage risk for assets throughout the life cycle of Gas Distribution Network from design to decommissioning stages through Formal Safety Assessments. Identify hazards, determine the threats from these hazards, assess the risks of these threats and determine the level of control(s) to remove the threat(s) or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

• Lead investigations and facilitate Risk Assessments workshop to achieve safe, effective, reliable and profitable performance. Identifies and mitigates specific project risks. Manages non-compliance issues and recommends preventive and corrective measures.

Capacity Planning for Jemena

Caltex Refineries (NSW) Pty Ltd-Refinery Yield Improvement Specialist

Development Process Engineer

Indian Oil Corporation- Panipat Refinery- Senior Process Engineer

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