Anne O’Donnell

Anne is the Founder and CEO of Procorre and Gibson Watts.

Since beginning my journey within green hydrogen, I have always been passionate about the technology, what it can do and the part it plays in the energy transition. It is inspiring to see the Women in Green Hydrogen Network providing a community in which other like-minded women in the sector can collaborate, come together and amplify their voices, especially in a sector in which women are so underrepresented.

CEO and Founding Director of Procorre and Gibson Watts

Anne is the CEO and Founder of Procorre and more recently Gibson Watts, a global executive search and recruitment firm with a strong focus on hydrogen, that connects businesses to their future leaders and builds world-class teams.

Anne has had an expansive career, spanning nearly thirty years in which she has created and run many successful businesses in recruitment and consulting, all with a focus on sustainability and the energy transition.

Winner of the 2019 Most Inspirational Businesswoman of the West Award, Anne spearheaded a deliberate drive to get more women into consulting professions to address the uneven ratio across tech-based consulting roles. Alongside mitigating the uneven ratio in tech, Anne’s main aim has been to continue to drive positive change and be an advocate of culture, diversity, inclusivity, and worthwhile engagement for all members of her team. Alongside this, she is constantly driving sustainable improvements and innovations at Gibson Watts, throughout all aspects of the business.

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