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Anna Yenyk

Connecting with other women in the energy industry, particularly, in the Hydrogen sector, is important for building support networks, promoting diversity and inclusion, mentoring and career development, collaboration and empowering future generations. It creates a sense of community and solidarity, fostering the growth and success of women professionals in the hydrogen industry.

Los Angeles

Passionate professional with 15 years of experience in the energy sector and profound knowledge of the industry.

I am a strategic, creative and agile thinker who drives change by designing ambitious strategies, creating teams of talented experts and effectively communicating solutions. I have a strong experience in credit risk management, contracts negotiations, research and analysis, and strategic planning. Proven track record in creating robust business relationships with key industry players and leading groups of multidisciplinary professionals to deliver results in complex and challenging situations. Currently, focusing on clean energy and decarbonization initiatives, acquiring deep understanding of U.S. and international climate policy, carbon markets, renewable energy, low carbon intensity hydrogen, bioenergy, fuel cells, microgrids, energy regulation, air quality, and environmental policy. My professional goals are: to successfully influence energy sectors' transition to low-carbon and sustainable future, and to lead individuals and teams in a spirit of cooperation and belief in everyone's contribution to environmental transformation.

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