As a volunteer network promoting gender equality in the emerging green hydrogen sector, we receive requests each week to partner up for panels, keynotes, discussions or to organise an event in different cities around the globe.

To make it possible for each member to organise their own Women in Green Hydrogen event – with a guideline “how to” do it – we want to make the network more inclusive and enable everyone interested to become actively involved in organising WiGH meetups and activities.

For this, we created the following Events Guidelines. They are to be adhered to in order to be considered a Women in Green Hydrogen event. You can freely brainstorm and be creative on which topic and in which format you want to organise the event. Consider that during the preparation phase, alignment and collaboration with the Events Team is necessary.

To expand from the Women in Green Hydrogen network to a broader perspective on how to consider gender quality in event designs, we encourage everyone promoting gender equality in any sector and organisation to take a look and use the guidelines as inspiration and guide how to consider gender in organising events.

The Events Team co-leads Cosima Sagmeister, Patricia Sophia Wild and Carla Reihle developed the guidelines. You can reach the Events Team at

Click below to read and download the Event Guidelines: