Tashiya Walenga

Business and project development. LLM, LLB, Bjuris, strategy,project management and

It is important to recognize the contributions women are making, the barriers they are pushing and the ultimate equalizer in male dominated industries. Women need platforms like these to share notes, ideas, strategies and create synergies in establishing this industry

HDF Energy : Business and Project Developer Namibia, Zambia and Angola

Tashiya holds a Master of Laws degree (LLM) specializing in public private partnerships and investments, two undergraduate qualifications in law as well as post graduate qualifications and training in the fields of International trade, project management, corporate governance, litigation and Business Management Administration. She has amassed legal, business and strategic leadership experience and is leading Hydrogen-to-Power project developments in Namibia, Angola and Zambia.

Namibia International Energy Week:2022, prospects of Green Hydrogen in Namibia

Tashiya Walenga, 2020,A critical upraisal of the Namibian Public Private Partnership Act, Namibian Law journal

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