SPARK will be the meeting place for innovators and leaders in the energy sector to shape the future of the energy transition. It will cover eight key themes relating to digital and power innovation, decarbonising transport and buildings, energy management, hydrogen and green gas, business models and flexible grids.  

As part of this event, WiGH is hosting a panel on the 22nd of June, entitled “Sparking action: How international collaboration will get the ball rolling on hydrogen scale-up”. It will take place from 8.45 to 9.30 AM. Join the panel for an early morning briefing on how and why people and organisations come together and learn about from good practice examples of successful hydrogen partnerships. 

Invited Speakers  

Moderator: Rosa Puentes | Hydrogen and gas quality adviser at ENTSOG and WiGH events & partnerships lead 

Alicia Eastman  | President of InterContinental Energy

Ivana Jemelkova | Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting

Gokce Mete | Head of Secretariat – Leadership Group for Industry Transition at SEI — Stockholm Environment Institute

Sonja Kotin-Förster | Advisor Energy and Hydrogen at GIZ 

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