Magdalena Soto

I´m a Senior Risk engineer, expert in strategic risks and modeling for energy industry

Networking with women in the same industry, knowledge for improve my model and strategies and visibility of the work of colegues in this new opportunity for renewable energy

Chile / Las Condes

I started in financial industry, as a project engineer, there I learn a lot of applied mathematics and statistics. There I develop a lot of models from a risk perspective (you have to evaluate that to have the price of the asset). Then I came to energy industry to extrapolete that quantitative view to develop models that improve the decision-making process. This is a challenge because in the financial industry you have data, but in this industry you don´t have it.

Confidence Level Assessment in Enterprise Risk Management: Case Study with Focus on Oil & Gas Operational Incidents

– Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety, Texas A&M Engineering, 22nd Annual International Symposium

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