Elodie Perret

I have 14 years of experience of regulatory affairs in energy (hydrogen, solar and onshore and offshore wind power) in France and Europe.

I believe that having a special area dedicated to women specialised in hydrogen can help to improve their experience and knowledge and in turn accelerate their careers .

EDF - Special advisor - hydrogen

I am policy advisor for the EDF group on hydrogen in France and Europe. I am a specialist of regulatory affairs in renewable energy and hydrogen. I started my career in 2008 working for the French Renewable energy Association especially on onshore and offshore wind. In 2012, I joined EDF Renewables in France, a subsidiary of EDF, which develops, builds and operates onshore, offshore wind and solar power plants in 20 countries (17 GW). I especially worked for the public consultation and permitting process for three offshore wind projects in France. In 2016 I became Head of public affairs for EDF Renewables in France. In June 2021, I was appointed Special Advisor for Hydrogen for the EDF Group. I hold a Master in European Studies an political science.

I love photography, surfing and horseriding.

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